About Pam

I design websites and apps applying user-centered design methods. I am a co-creator of Open Design Kit, an open source toolkit, incubated at Bocoup, for sharing design methods with coworkers and clients, as well as anyone doing remote design. In my career, I've partnered with organizations in the diverse fields of telecommunications, higher education, and software applications.

My background as a librarian is the underpinning of my career as a designer. Working with library patrons of varying computer literacy levels, and the issues they encountered using websites and apps, motivated me to find ways to improve user experiences.

I go beyond the surface level of what design looks like to analyze the underlying strategy and structure of design. Widening and deepening people’s ideas of what design is and how to design better together (regardless of role) is my jam.

I fell in love with the process of design through a personal project I did while still a librarian — designing and building a camper van with my partner. I did tons of research, prioritized needs, and iterated on a number of solutions before settling on the best design solution for our needs. The power of process has captivated me ever since.

I am active in the Seattle design community and recently gave a lightning talk at the Design & Content Conference in 2016 titled Re-finding in an Algorithmic World.


Wondering about my skills?